How to write the best social media posts for your business

Setting up for Success on Social Media. When you first start out with social media it can be hard to work out what strategy to take. I once read a blog post that said you wouldn't walk in to a networking event and start shouting in peoples faces about the products you sell in the hope someone will buy from why would you do that on social media! To help you out I have put together 3 key tips on what to include in each post, so you don't have to shout in anyones face!

When you write each post ask yourself the following questions to ensure what you are wanting to say is actually what people want to hear...

Does my customer care about this?

Recently I've been following a company that posts pretty consistently to their Facebook page, which you would think is a good thing right? However every post is a link to varying websites, on varying topics, and most of the time they don't even write a sentence about why they are sharing it, or their opinion?! Now don't get me wrong I think it is great that they are wanting to use Facebook to share their interests...but actually I don't know if that is why they are sharing it...or if it's simply just to fill a gap.

When you write your social media posts, think about why you want to share it, and in turn, why it helps or informs the customer you are talking to. For example, even something as simple as an inspiring quote can really help boost someone's day and make them feel great...but be sure to explain to your ideal customer why they should care.

How does this help them?

Posting personal or behind the scenes is a great way to build trust with your potential customers, it's an important part of the sales process a customer goes through before making the choice to choose your service or product. From talking to the people I work with, however, there can sometimes be an internal struggle on how much of yourself to share. I think it's important to only share things you think your audience will care about and in turn, might help them make a decision to buy. For example it might be great to share a recent trip you had that inspired your business.

When you are thinking up your post ideas, go back to the idea I shared at the start of this blog about shouting your sales message and think of what you might tell someone about yourself at an event. Use this as a base of what to share that is personal to you and your business.

Is this making their lives better?

Yes it is! and you should not hide away from the fact that you are selling a product that can help them. I have had a lot of conversations with people over the last few months about call to actions! Now I know what you are going to say, you don't want to come across sales-y, and you don't have to, but if you don't tie your posts back to what you sell, why are you even posting in the first place? Try and tie your call to actions in to the previous point of creating content that answers the question of what your customer is looking for when they have come to your page.

For example if you are a beauty business aimed at mums who don't have time to go to the salon, then the post could focus on tips for making time for themselves and then the call to action is once they have the time they should book in for you to come and visit them at their home.

I would love to see how you are getting on with your social media updates so please come on over to the Rosie's Marketing Tea Room and let me know where to go so that I can go and check it out! :)

Rosie :)

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